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“In Love And War”, Movie Review

Character of an American Red Cross nurse Ms. Agnes von Kurowsky, played by a beautiful and very talented actress Sandra Bullock in “In Love and War”, is one of the most realistic and convincing portrayals of a nurse in modern cinema. This movie was filmed in 1996 by Richard Attenborough, and it is based on a real life-story, sourced from Ms. Kurowsky’s diary, about the relationship of Ernest Hemingway, a worldwide known writer, with his lover, Nurse Agnes von Kurowsky. Actually, the idea of this movie was not directed on promoting nursing activity, or showing the difficulties and problems nurses can meet in their work.  But after watching this masterpiece, any spectator can learn many details about such honorable activity like nursing, and find many reasons to begin respecting and admiring these courageous hard-working ladies, who are in need in any moment by so many people.

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