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The Advantages of School Uniforms

Recently, a lot of schools throughout the United States adopted school uniform policies and made it a requirement for the students to wear uniforms. School administrations underline that wearing uniforms has positive effects on academic success and behavior of the students. However, a lot of sociologists argue that there are also certain drawbacks of a compulsory uniform system in schools. That is why the issue of school uniforms is a popular debate topic among teachers and parents.

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Education in the UAE

Modern educational system of the UAE,education in uae which was introduced in the beginning of the 1970s, comprises a number of private and governmental educational establishments available both for male and female students. It has 4 academic levels, including primary, preparatory, secondary and higher education. The first three levels are compulsory. Governmental schools, colleges and universities are opened for the students to study for free. Currently, about 40% of educational establishments in the UAE are private (The US Department of State, 2007).

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