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New Year is the oldest of all holidays. Its history goes back over 4000 years. The most logical time to start counting the New Year is spring. After all this is the time of the rebirth and the [wp_ad_camp_1] beginning of the new life. It has historically developed that the celebration of New Year falls on the first of January. There are many New Year’s traditions such as drinking a glass of champagne at midnight in the first seconds of New Year or making New Year’s promises. Different countries have different traditions for celebrating the New Year.

In France a large piece of wood is set on fire in the fireplaces as a symbol of prosperity and family health. In Mexico at midnight the carnival starts.
In the Netherlands once a year donuts with raisins are prepared.
In Brazil, on New Year’s Eve women in long dresses go in the water and throw flower petals onto the waves of the ocean.

New year 2011 clipartVery exotic New Year’s celebrations are held in Australia. Due to the lack of snow, fir trees, deer and other usual attributes, Santa Claus appears in a swimming costume with a white beard and a red had with pompons on a specially decorated surfboard on the beaches of Sydney.

In different countries traditions may differ, but one very old and most enjoyable tradition stays the same. It’s a tradition to exchange gifts on this holiday.

There are many different ways to congratulate your friends and family with a Happy New Year, and of course, the easiest of them – is to give or send them a nice New Year card. At present there is a large selection of different cards with different images from the simple to custom design work.

Some believe that the most popular now are clip arts that can be seen as greeting cards. How should look the Happy New Year 2012 clip art look? For example, the most simple clip art will only contain the phase “Happy New Year 2012”. This view is the most versatile because it can be applied anywhere on the greeting card as well as on banners and posters.

It’s your decision and you can choose one of the modern designs or the traditional ones. The most popular and traditional images are the various pictures of Santa Claus, glasses of champagne, snowflakes, fireworks, candles, New Year’s gifts etc. and the phrase “Happy New Year”. These can be presented in a different ways but your New Year card may differ from the rest with its unique design. You can choose any clip art and any image you like to represent your personal vision of the New Year 2012. For example, it could be some of joke about the end of the world promised in 2012. It could also be a dragon because according to the Chinese calendar the dragon will be the symbol of the next year. Another symbol of the New Year is newborn image.

Happy new year 2011 clipart[wp_ad_camp_2]
Happy New Year! It will be said and heard many times in the first days of the New Year 2012.
It’s so nice to give congratulations on the New Year. The spirit of the holiday comes to us well before the 31th of December. Decorated towns and Christmas trees remind us about the upcoming event. You can begin to make your New Year’s greetings now. It’s very important not to forget those who are dear to you. After all, none of your friends and relatives should be left without a kind word and a sincere wish. It doesn’t matter what will be on your greeting card as long as it was done carefully and received on time. This greeting card will give joy to your friends and family and will remind them of the wonderful holiday called New Year for a long time.

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    Its good but there should be more articles for other topics such as christmas,diwali,holi and etc.

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    Oh. Wishing you a happy new year-2011 to 2012 to u and ur family best too. HAPPY NEW YEAR-2011 TO 2012 FROM. Jada deäf

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    Oh. Happy new YEAR-2012 to all india deäf best too. Smile to u with ur family best too