Child Soldiers in Africa: A Book by Alcinda Honwana

Africa Child Soldiers Programs promoting the demobilization of soldiers and their reintegration in to the civil society recognize that boys who grew up in the militias face special problems. They have been socialized in to violence rather then in to identities develop through work and family in peace able time their relatives and co villagers recognize that young man who have been changes in to instruments of death must be transformed in order to return to family and community life they face risks and pose dangers to themselves and others.recruitment and initiation chapter in book.

This is clear that after the child indulges in the criminal practices it is very hard for him to adopt again the good cultural aspects of society because he would be habitual of doing the crimes and he wants every thing from fight because he has gain the education of fighting from his trainers. After adopting the militias these girls and boys are their own defenders and they do not take interest in the society benefits and the cultural aspects they just fights for their own rights. They do not prefer the society norms and objectives and just committed to crimes and crimes management and leadership. They are not the educated ones to adopt the good cultural system.

It is very difficult for them to go back to the same cultural system which they left several years ago. Now after their entrance to the crime they would be the top criminals and they trained others to commit crime. It is also hard for the society to adopt such children’s attitude after their commitment of crime or their active performance in some forces. This is the reason why several children do not want to go back to home because they know they are unacceptable for their families now.

Child Soldiers in Africa

“One person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter” – this classical contradiction remains unresolved. Children are often imbibed with nationalism by non-state actors. Children who are killed in combat are glorified as martyrs and the involvement of adolescents in the freedom struggles of many modern states inspires many children. The process by which these values are inculcated is crucial.

In the armed conflicts situations, the whole community suffers from these conflicts: those who willing to do something and those who do not want to involve in these conflicts. It is the natural thing that the environment makes person to do everything which is going on there, so those who do not adopt the same things they are the rejected members of the society and everybody always speaks against them. So it is necessary for them to adopt the culture in which they are living, and if they do not respond to these terms of society they should bear the severe punishments including the threats and force to adopt the culture.
This is going on in many countries and those children’s who do not want to become the part of any crime they are forced to do by the arm forces and adopt the thing which they told them, so this is not on the children’s right to make the decisions and to struggle for their rights but it is on the adults in the society to adopt such things which are beneficial for their rights and welfare. They are the innocent citizens of the country. The main thing is to take control over such organizations who are promoting such practices in the society or accepting the environment and culture by force many governments are now considering the policies on the community grounds to start the development of the countries from the small society level.

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