Children In Sudan: By Jamera Rone

Another book on children’s welfare was written on the topic of children’s welfare in Sudan. It is about those children’s who are living at the streets and are the slaves and those children who are recruited in the armed forces of the country. In Sudan due to many reasons the children’s recruitment in the armed forces is a very common thing. These children are directly involved in the conflicts and they have no right to go back to homes. They are the direct participants in the war, and other internal fights of the country. The writer describes that after the several conventions of children’s welfare and many more practices, there has been no such responses given by the government of these countries. The peoples of these countries are so poor and they have no other ways except to join the forces, in order to fulfill their needs and the security because of lawlessness in the countries like the countries of Africa.

There is a need of the development of rules and regulations and lathe laws for the welfare of children. These forces are violating the human rights although many efforts done by the UNICEF and other children organizations to save these children from these problems and save their rights but this is only possible by the good government systems. If the government of the country is that weak and no structural changes done in any of the department, then there is no law in to the country. The writer describes those children who are the apart of armed forces and they are those who have no home. They are the street boys and have no any adult to care for them. The children in Sudan because of their poorness join the armed forces and many other groups from the very beginning in order to fulfill their family demands.

In this book the writer discussed the children’s rights and the other aspects with the conventions of human rights and the law and order creation by the other countries of the world. The discussion is focused on various projects on human rights and the implementation of policies for the rights of the children’s conducted in this book. The book covers many problems of the children of Sudan at one place and describes the three stages of their lives. These three stages of the children’s lives are associated mainly with the unaccompanied children who have no home and no necessities of life for their survival.

There are so many books which are written on the topics of children soldiers in the countries, specially in the African countries and writers describe so many aspects of their lives, how they join the armed forces, how they live, how they were forced to join the armed forces, even if they did not want to become the part of armed forces. But they are forced to do so. Many books are written on the child welfare of African countries, and a large discussion was made on the different projects by the United Nations and the other countries of the world to save the rights of the children, but this is only possible when all the countries organizations for children’s welfare work for the children’s rights together and for the release of children from these armed forces. These children who are the part of arm forces are not only the boys, they are the girls too and in African countries girls are also used for these reasons to serve in the arm conflicts.

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