My Gun Is As Tall As Me: Children Soldiers In Burma

burma soldiersBurma is the country where large number of violation of children’s rights takes place. It is the country which has so many forces and these forces are recruiting the children who are under the age of fifteen. The book covers several forces in Burma and the children’s recruitment – those who’re under fifteen and below the legal age. After the children convention it was decided that the children should be recruited in the armed forces whose age limit started from 18 and are voluntarily be the part of children soldiers when they are used as the volunteers for war for example as the messengers and many other functions.

This book describes the several numbers of armies in Burma that have a large number of children recruitments. Burma armed forces are considered to be those forces in the world which have violated the all human rights and they are still recruiting children who are not under the legal age. These armies in Burma have nearly 100000 soldiers recruited under the age of fifteen, although the government of Burma always refused for the children’s recruitment on the questions from the other developed countries of the world the government is denying that they have the children in their armed forces. Burma forces are those forces which have used large number of children compared to the other forces of the world. After all, many other African like Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and others, also have such forces but Burma is at the top of those forces which have large number of children’s recruitments

  • The international community, including the United Nations and its agencies, foreign governments, and international non-governmental organizations, should do more to press the SPDC and the Burma army to cease recruiting child soldiers and to demobilize those already in the armed forces.
  • Do much more to assist child soldiers who manage to escape from military service either in the Burma army or in non-state armies. There is growing need for services to be provided to former child soldiers, including protection, education, psychological counseling, and reunification with their families.

Children Soldiers In Burma

Many countries are against the recruitments of children in Burma but the country’s government is always denying the fact of the admittance of children in their armed forces. The country even has exclusively the children forces which are trained by the institutions and schools in the country by the forces leaders. They gave them the training of fighting from the very beginning, after the developed countries enforcement of law that the children’s recruitments must be done in the armed forces only by the age of 18. Now the government is planning for the law of recruitments for children’s but this is not the successful step it needs the structural changes in all of the country.

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