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Types Of Friendships

Every human being needs to socialize, that is why friendship is something very natural for all of us. Two friends can have romantic relationships, professional relationships, emotional relationships, social relationships, etc. Also, there are always very special ties between two roommates, two soul mates or two pan pals. Any of such relationships we can call “friendship”. According to several factors (including nature of the relationships, maturity of friends, etc.), it is possible to classify different types of friendships.

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Online Friends

online friendsIn our times, internet communication and making friends online becomes more and more popular among modern teenagers and youth. Overwhelming majority of young people spend a lot of time talking to their online friends in such popular online communities as Facebook, MySpace and others. The members of these networks get to know each other, share the news, exchange opinions and discuss various important issues. That is why the role of online friends in the social development of today’s adolescents is quite significant.

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