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The Middle East

Territories of the Middle East form the region, where the earliest civilizations have been developing. In 100 century BC the groups of ancient farmers and hunters lived around the areas from Persian Gulf to the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and Egypt.  Soon, these settlements formed the most advanced early human civilizations: the Shumarians, the Assirians, the Babylonians, and later on the Persian Empire of Achaemenids and the Seleucid State.By the first centuries of our era, the majority of the Middle East territories were taken under control of growing Roman Empire. This resulted in introducing Christianity and foundation of Constantinople (modern Istanbul) as one of the most principal and developing cities of the region. Constantinople became a capital of powerful Greco-Roman Byzantine Empire, which dominated at the areas from Egypt to Syria and became advanced trade and cultural center of the world. The other parts of the Middle East region included Mesopotamia and Persian Empires.
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